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Kashmir Glass Industries (KGI) was founded by ARCO Group of Companies in 2016. KGI is the first toughened glass plant in the valley. We are the leading glass manufacturers. We provide toughened glass, tempered glass, annealed glass, and more. KGI continuously stays in contact with its customers.
We buy crude glasses from Saint Gobain India. The crude glasses are checked on the basis of quality parameters by our expert group. Special lifts are used to transfer these glasses to the racks and are taken care in every best possible way. Customers place orders specifying the sizes they need. Each order is given an order number. These orders are then passed onto the Production Group. Glasses are then lifted from the racks and then cut into the required sizes. These glasses are further sent for drilling, water jet cutting, cleaning and edging and lastly for toughening. After undergoing through the processes, the quality and sizes of glasses are again checked and the records are maintained in the concerned office. Once ready, glasses are dispatched to the customers. Lastly, customer reviews and suggestions for improvement (if any) are taken from the customers because we value our customers and always keep customer relationship a priority.
Customers can track their orders on our website- www.kashmirglassindustries.com

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

KGI is First Toughened Glass Plant in Valley. We value our customers and always keep customer relationship a priority.

  • Over 65 years of successful trading
  • 'A' rated quality products as standard
  • Clean and sleek alternative to standard window treatments
  • Clear choice for particle-free sterile environments
  • Meets infection control/prevention standards and objectives
  • Can easily be installed in industry standard doors and frames
  • Units can be installed in existing doors/frames
  • Dual or single control knob options are available
  • A variety of blind slat colors are available to choose from
  • Energy – Efficient and environmentally friendly product
  • Best price guaranteed
  • Highly skilled craftsmen
  • Excellent customer service